100 Jobs Coming To Cary As Firm From Sweden Expands

Dated: 10/05/2017

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Swedish research and manufacturing company Höganäs – which has 65 offices and 1,800 employees globally – has opened its new office and laboratory in Cary, where it expects to add 100 new employees over the next two years. With its beginnings more than 200 years ago as a coal mining company, Höganäs now makes metal powders for both industrial and environmental uses. Its Cary outpost will serve as an international hub for its new water and soil remediation business. Not only will the location provide the opportunity to collaborate with local universities, but it will also aid in recruiting talent, says Fredrik Emilson, president and CEO of Höganäs. Additionally, ease of global access when it comes to Raleigh-Durham International Airport was also important. 

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While about 15 of the company’s employees will be relocating to its new space at 3000 Weston Parkway from an existing U.S. base in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, the 100 new employees it expects to add in the coming years are necessary in terms of growing business from its new hub. Eight new employees have already been added locally.

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 New positions in Cary will be in research, technical lab roles and engineering, says Emilson. The company is looking for hires with strong technical skills and also a commercial understanding, he adds. Höganäs will keep other U.S. locations in both Pennsylvania and New York in addition to its new space in Cary. There are no economic development incentives related to the company's expansion in Cary, says Emilson. Global revenue for Höganäs was about $1 billion last year, according Emilson. The company is projecting about 3 to 5 percent growth for 2017.

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